Studying Physics & RF-Technology

After 3 years apprenticeship in TV/Radio electronic,
3 years @ Technical College for Electro-Technic followed 4.5 years @ University of Hannover (Germany) and later on in evening/weekend: Information Technology @ Fern-University of Hagen


Professional starting

Engineering Assistant in R&D

Assistant engineering in Audio Video Technology Center as part of R&D of Matsushita Electric Industries (MEI) Japan during the good old analogue times - designing and manufacturing Video Tape Recorders and Technics CD Player for Europe: 8.5 years

met@box AG

Product Management

DVB and iTV Set Top Box business

3 years: First in Digital interactive TV with a DVB STB incl. Web-based VoD-System and CMS, SMS on Linux Server.  STB OS Based on a own 'CaOS' for Motorola Coldfire and a MPEG2 decoder PCB, with DVD ROM included and Internet served by an adapted Amiga Voyager Browser


Project Management

Broadband Cable Networks

2.3 years in Planning and hosting CATV Network upgrade projects for Kabel Deutschland (KDG) ...nowadays Vodafone...: 450 MHz to 630/862 MHz, UP- and DOWN-Streams even with Fiberoptic segmentations (E1 ... L2 Systems) - changed to Headend and IP(TV) responsibilities

Web Page Generator

Technical Manager

for AppearTV Headend systems and PBN optical RF-systems

Joint GTN just for a small period of 3 month because I was recruited away from Teleste to GTN by my former superior @ Teleste who changed to GTN as MD the year before

Blankom Digital

Technical Sales Director

and Product Manager Digital Headends, IPTV, B-Nova (OEM modular digital Headend platform by Teleste)

During the time @ GTN, i was poached again by this Company (BD) which former belonged to FUBA / Motorola BC Headend Division. To establish the Export business to UK+ BeNeLux + SW-Europe, India, APAC, LATAM, USA, MENA, AUS ...

Hilkom Digital

Technical Sales Director

2012 Blankom Antennentechnik (BA) took over the company to 100% and closed it 2015 due to a filing for insolvency by BA 

Sales Region was changed by Blankom to use synergies with own sales staff: MENA, AMER, AUS, UK.      Summary: Nearly 7 Years in designing and selling Headend systems for Europe and Export for Blankom -/ Hilkom Digital GmbH

RESCH Electronic Innovation

Director Sales and Marketing

OEM Manufacturing and designing Satellite reception and distribution equipment & Hospitality headends

Productmanagement Hospitality headends, Multiswitches and related accessories as OEM for almost all mayor player from Germany. Estabished Teledis MEA FZC in Dubai with a Partner company from KSA.